Password quality assurance. The power of password analytics.

Passwords and user awareness are the two biggest threats a company faces in regard to a cybersecurity hack. We need to strengthen our security barrier with stronger passwords. 
It’s scary to think that only about 1% of people are aware that passwords are based on patterns and these patterns can be hacked.   

What’s not working: Passwords are not complex enough, they are not unique, they follow patterns, they are shared, password policy is not enforced!

What's working-EPAS:
EPAS audits the recovered passwords against two criteria: a customized password policy and an objective, entropy-based set of rules. EPAS can simulate various attack methods used by cyber criminals, such as dictionary or brute force attacks. Dictionaries are customizable regarding language and customer specific vocabulary or terms.
Recovered passwords are checked for multiple use. A password can either be used several times by the same user on different systems or one password can be used by several users. Both situations pose a high security risk and are subject to immediate risk mitigation measurements.
Automatic notification is used to prompt users to change their passwords if these are too weak or do otherwise not comply with defined audit parameters. The same feature automatically notifies the service administrator of a completed password audit job and the availability of a report.
Join us October 23rd at 2pm for a webinar with EPAS and see how it works!


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